Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stop counting...

In the dark underbelly of Dubai, millions of Indian workers go to seek their fortunes (along with other folks from the subcontinent). Last year alone, 971 Indian nationals died in Dubai, as registered by the Indian consulate. This is a shocking statistic because people travel outside their home countries for economic betterment, not to die. Of course, most of these deaths are caused by either poor working and living conditions; either directly or by the indirect means of suicide. You'd imagine that the Indian government would ensure that people are not tricked into these jobs of such dubious nature by the false promises handed out by unscrupulous touts and middlemen. A relatively simple thing, you'd imagine, yeah? So, how does the Indian Consulate in Dubai react? They stopped counting.
Money makes the world go around. (Sung to the tunes of a song by the same name which is sometimes used as the backing music for the spectacular musical water fountain outside the Wynn Casino in Macao).

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