Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gubernatorial chutzpah

You've probably heard or read of the sensational sex scandal that's hit the headlines this morning. 84 year old, Governor of Andhra Pradesh, N.D. Tiwari being caught on tape cavorting in bed with 3 lovely luscious ladies.

You can watch the YouTube version here. There are shorter versions on YouTube, one actually posted by someone called 'pornvideozone'.

I must say, I'm inclined to tip me hat to him. For the following reasons:

  • Sex with a beautiful woman - regardless of whether you're paying for it or not - is a nice thing to have. To get it on with 3 women at the same time is definitely beyond any straight man's fantasy. But to do that at age 84, is simply extraordinary!
  • Assuming this is true, he probably did not even have to pay for the women. Most likely, it's the tax-paying suckers (yes, mate, you and I again) who were stiffed (pun intentional).
  • And suckering poor Ms. Radhika into believing you'd grant her a mining license takes the cake.
Too bad you've got caught out, Mr. Tiwari. Of course, politicians and sex scandals are nothing new or noteworthy. But are excellent fodder for tabloid gossip.

It's probably bad enough even to visualize in your mind but the actual video of an 84-year old man lying semi-comatose while being fondled by 3 really lovely ladies is definitely not something you want to see while slurping down your cereal (bad timing by the news channel, I'd say). But that apart, why bother if someone pays money if they want sexual pleasure? As long as of course it isn't taxpayers' money. That does piss me off. Apart from that, is this guy not allowed to use 'hired help' to get what he wants? Of course, prostitution is illegal in India and given that he shouldn't have done it. However given that Ms. Radhika 'supplied' him the girls, it's probably not even illegal given that there's no proven financial transaction that's occurred. But then criminalizing prostitution is another archaic law that I do not see the value of. Even the supreme court has suggested it. Read about that here.

It's a bad mess you've gotten yourself into, Mr. Tiwari. My sympathies lie with you. Just so long as you pay from your own pocket.

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