Friday, December 25, 2009

Show me the funny

One of the obvious goals of publishing a blog is hoping that eventually your blog will generate enough interest in the *blogosphere* to attract a fair number of regular readers. So, I've been thinking. Most of the popular blogs seem to be the funny ones. Typically satirical ones. And of course, the target of such satire are usually politicians. They might be worthless self-serving nincompoops, but are definitely an excellent source of entertainment.
I am wondering if I should try satire. It is difficult, eh?

Couple of blogs well worth reading; especially for hard-core Madrasis, oops, Chennaiites like I.
Anand Ramachandran has a fairly funny blog at
And another one recommended by my friend is at Just started having a look at this blog by Deepak.

Cheers. And a very merry Christmas to you.

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