Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Have you read about how the Public Works' Department (PWD) in Bangalore has spent staggering sums of money in doing up the toilets (yes, toilets) for various places in Karnataka? Read about it at the TOI website (link here).

Yes, everyone likes to take a shit now and then. And they'd rather in a nice and clean place than in a toilet like the one in Trainspotting. But in a state where 72 percent of the rural folks have no access to even a basic toilet, how does the government justify spending millions of taxpayers' money (yes, that's money from suckers like you and I) on building ultra-posh toilets? Led from the front by our honorable Chief Minister, I suppose. Who incidentally was actually topped in this pissing competition (pun unintended) by a lowly college professor. Surely, you know how much we've paid for renovating Yeddy's private residence?

P.S.: Usually I hate it when some rather uncreative journo resorts to appending 'gate' to any piece of news. Unfortunately, Toiletgate is the first thought that came to mine. Bizzarely, Google has over 26,000 results for 'Toiletgate'. My favorite is Nipplegate, though.

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